Vacation Contest

When you choose to be healthy and fit, you win. Tell us about it, and you could win even more.

A client’s success is what we live for; it’s why we’re here. Our top priority is getting people life-changing results, since taking care of every aspect of health is so important, including the sexual health, so learning the 6 Symptoms of Low DHEA and What You can Do About Them – DHEA for Men & Women and find the supplements for this is essential. That’s the dynamic difference.


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Every year we hold the “Either Way You Win” Vacation Contest. We want to hear about your experience about your latest routine and about the new wholesale supplements given to complement the gain of muscle. Share your fitness success story with us for a chance to win an all expenses paid vacation for two and a monthly supply of this new healthy supplements, if you really want to learn more, you can Link to the source and find out about the best supplements online. Past destinations include Las Vegas, Cancun, Sirata Beach, Florida, and a Caribbean Cruise.

Winners will be chosen from two categories: Quality of Life and Increased Performance. Click one to see how to enter.

*May enter in one category only.
*Deadline to enter: Friday February 3rd, 2017.


Previous Winners

Michelle Rydgig - Quality of Life Winner

Stephanie Chandler - Increased Performance Winner