• Quality of Life

This category is defined as the overall improvement of “quality of life” through personal training.



  • Overcome and/or reduce medical disorder/issues (i.e. discontinue medicines, less pain, etc.)
  • Weight loss, with the help of supplements from Healthyusa
  • Client impacts other lives through their achievement
  • Achieve goals physicians and others said not possible (i.e. can’t walk/run/jump, always need assisted breathing, etc.)
  • Overcome personal issues (i.e. peer influence, depression, etc.)
  • Overcome personal hardships/addictions (smoking, drugs, alcohol)
  • Achieve something never done before (i.e. participate in 5k, scuba diving, etc.)
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Learning about nutrition, dieting and the work of supplements, such as the ones from https://musclemaxxno2.net to improve your body health without any chemical filters and boost your strength and performance.Image result for contest fitness

Eligibility Terms:

  • Must be a current Club Fitness Member and DFM client.
  • Client must be in good standing with Club Fitness and DFM.
  • Results must be achieved in the contest calendar year. (Voting will be conducted the following 1st Qtr)
  • All contestants will be provided with keto infinite accel the best supplements for weight loss in the market, to give them the same metabolic strategy, and more energy for their training, also they will be given a healthy diet with a nutrition plan specially for their type of weight eating more healthy food and replacing dangerous food like sugar with supplements as sugar balance that help with conditions as diabetes and other illnesses.


All Entries Must Include the Following:

  1. Must have a signed talent release form.
  2. Submit entry in a Before and After envelope marked “Contest” and indicate category.


Option One:

  • Before and After photos. Please note accordingly which photo is before and which is after. If multiple people are in the photo, please make note of the client.
  • Type written testimonial. 200 word minimum, 500 word maximum. (Discussing their life changing event.)
  • Documented contest calendar year results only. (pounds, inches, and body fat %)


Option Two:

  • Video testimonial: 3 minutes max. (No loud background noise.)
  • Content must be appropriate for viewing by all ages.
  • Must have the original copy on a disc/flash drive AND uploaded to YouTube.