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This category is defined as physical performance achievements obtained through personal training.



  • Athletic achievement
  • Achieve or improve stability, flexibility, endurance, power, balance, strength, and/or speed
  • Increase dynamic performance
  • Achieve new or increase movements (i.e. proper squat, snatch, etc.)
  • Increase body function efficiency (i.e. metabolism, etc.)
  • Decrease body fat percentage and increase lean mass


Eligibility Terms:

  • Must be a current Club Fitness Member and DFM client.
  • Client must be in good standing with Club Fitness and DFM.
  • Results must be achieved in the contest calendar year. (Voting will be conducted the following 1st Qtr)


All Entries Must Include the Following:

  1. Must have a signed talent release form.
  2. Submit entry in a Before and After envelope marked “Contest” and indicate category.


Option One:

  • Before and After photos. Please note accordingly which photo is before and which is after. If multiple people are in the photo, please make note of the client.
  • Type written testimonial. 200 word minimum, 500 word maximum. (Discussing their life changing event.)
  • Documented contest calendar year results only. (pounds, inches, and body fat %)


Option Two:

  • Video testimonial: 3 minutes max. (No loud background noise.)
  • Content must be appropriate for viewing by all ages.
  • Must have the original copy on a disc/flash drive AND uploaded to YouTube.